Friday, June 25, 2010

We Need The Bumblebee

Last evening, in Toronto, a swinging group called the 'Raging Grannies' gave the world premiere performance of a new song about bumblebees. The 'Grannies' had the audience at a 'Pollinator Cabaret' held at the Gladstone Hotel clapping time and singing along - they brought the house down. The event was held in celebration of International Pollinator Week.

With the hope that others will sing in praise of the bumblebee this Pollinator Week, here are the complete lyrics of the new song:

We Need The Bumblebee
(to the tune of The Blue-tail Fly)
Words by Dave Barr

The winds, the woods, the skies are free
The world of earth and the world of sea
There's fruit in the garden for you and me
But not without the bumblebee

People need fruit and veggies too
People need fruit and veggies too
People need fruit and veggies too
We need the bumblebee

Each bloom in the garden is colored fine
Each smells so good upon the vine
To spread some pollen both far and wide
It calls the bumblebee inside


The bumblebee's got pretty hair
With black and yellow stripes so fair
She carries baskets on each flight
To pack the pollen in real tight


The fruit comes from the flow'r you see
That's healthy food for you and me
Flow'rs need pollen so the fruit can grow
The bumble's visit makes it so


The bee starts early on her run
Before the world warms in the sun
She gathers nectar and pollen food
Takes them home to feed her brood


The bumble's home is in the ground
An empty mouse nest she has found
She raises daughters who can't wait
To help her fly and pollinate


Poor bumblebee she's under threat
We hit her with the worst things yet
Disease and nasty pesticides
And take her habitat besides

[skip Chorus]

8. (slowly)
We've got to save the bumblebee
Her fate is linked to us you see
We need her flight from flow'r to flow'r
To save our food with pollen power!
(last two words shouted out)


[Words Copyleft (Ɔ) by Dave Barr, 2010: Creative Commons Licence. Image from a photo by D. Barr]



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