Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bee Briefs: Recent News About Bumblebees

Join the Global Bee Project and become a Bee Guardian!

International Pollinator Week is coming, June 21-27

Citizen scientists begin 4th year of the Great Pollinator Project, a sort of bee census, in New York City. They monitor some 200 species of bees to study pollinator biodiversity

Regicide and captive virgin queens; 10 things you might not know about the fascinating lives of bees

Researcher developing landscape conservation & restoration guidelines for preservation of native bee populations

BeeWalk to help monitor changes in bumblebee populations; invaluable for conservation

New Zealand Short-haired Bumblebees in restoration project die in hibernation, just before travelling to the UK

Two new bumblebee species settle in Iceland These both appear to be on the move from Europe.

The Tree Bumblebee continues its range expansion in the UK; now in west Wales

Now more bumblebee nests in UK cities, towns and suburbs than in the countryside - that's bad news for wildlife

You can buy black-and-yellow striped socks and help protect bumblebees

[Photo by Brieg, CC License]

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