Monday, July 5, 2010

Bee Briefs #2: Bumblebees In The News

Traveling bumblebees bring trouble (parasites) home; Yellow-banded Bumblebee recovering in Vermont

Commercially reared bumblebees being used increasingly to pollinate field crops like watermelons & sweet peppers

Arctic Bumblebees Still Need Beauty Sleep; retain circadian foraging rhythms even in 24-hour daylight

New congressional Pollinator Protection Caucus to champion the cause of bees in Washington & promote research

Xerces Society Seeks To Add Franklin's Bumblebee To Endangered Species List; only one seen since 2006

Report on conservation genetics, foraging distance & nest density of the scarce Great Yellow Bumblebee in UK

12 Nectar Caf├ęs for bees planted and maintained by local school children, part of Pride in Londonderry initiative

International Conference on Pollinator Biology, Health and Policy, July 24 – 28, Penn State University

Increasingly common badgers said to threaten bumblebee populations in UK; they dig up nests and eat the brood

Two cuckoo bumblebees: specialist Bombus vestalis & generalist B. bohemicus use different odor cues to find their host B. terrestris

Bumblebee mimic - inquline larvae feed on debris in bumblebee nests - like having a live-in house cleaner!

UK gardeners asked to help in citizen survey of the range of the Tree Bumblebee; part of insect & wildlife week

[Photo by D. Barr]Link

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